Financial Planning

I offer flat fee-only comprehensive goal-based financial planning to clients. Based on the response received for risk profiling questionnaire and subsequent discussion with the client I suggest asset allocation (Fixed Income, Equity, etc) as well as risk mitigation (Life Insurance, Health Insurance, etc. ) strategies for achieving their financial goals.

I work with both Resident and Non-resident Indians (NRIs) for their investment in various asset classes in India. I work with our clients’ to align their savings and investments with their financial goals so that they could expect to have funds available to fund these goals at the time of need rather than frequently suggesting our clients’ to allocate their corpus to the latest investment fad.

I do this based on the philosophy that frequent rejig of the portfolio in order to time the financial market does nothing in particular to increase our clients’ portfolio returns. I do not proffer advice on direct equity investment but depending on clients’ risk profile suggest equity mutual funds for equity asset allocation.

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