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Know more about our founder and his vision about SahajMoney™.


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Abhishek is the founder of SahajMoney™. He believes that money management should be easy.

Abhishek Kumar
A fireside chat with Abhishek

A fireside chat with Abhishek

Interviewer: Tell me, what made you start an investment advisory service? Abhishek: Significant changes happen inside you when you are shaken out of your comfort zone, especially when it's a real-life Tsunami that shakes you. I was 24 years old in December 2004, when Tsunami took almost everything away from us. Yet, the magnitude of destruction was so enormous that we only felt gratitude that all of us were alive. Not every family living in that part of the world could say that. Despite gratitude, losing all of our worldly possessions, including a roof on our head, was uncomfortable, but the thing about being out of your comfort zone is that it makes you look at life from a fresh perspective. Necessity made us look to spend money wisely. Life taught us what is important and what is good to have more than any college degree could have. From that moment, I decided to question every traditional wisdom I had gathered about money and finance. I won't say everything we are taught is wrong, but I found that many of our beliefs were no longer practical in the 21st century. That is the time when seed idea of SahajMoney™ was conceptualized.

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