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Why SahajMoney® for Investment Advice ?

Because SahajMoney®, a venture by IIM Bangalore Alumni, provides unbiased financial planning for flat fee. 

How long SahajMoney® has been in existence ?

Although our founder, an IIM Bangalore Alumni, registered as SEBI RIA since 2017 but SahajMoney® exists since 2005.

Read SahajMoney® story by clicking here

Can you share some colour on your client base ?

Barring Antarctica we have a clients on all continents.


Some colour on our client base :


a) Nearly 1 in 3 clients is an NRI (including Seafarer).

b) 1 out of 2 clients are married couples.

c) Almost 40% of clients are female.

d) 1 in 4 clients is less than 30 years old.

e) 25% of our clients are either Govt or PSU employees.

f) 1 out of 5 clients are self employed or entrepreneur.

f) 25% of clients are either a retiree or about of retire.

What’s in it for me (WIIFM) ?

  1. Commission-free advice saves 1%* or more every year.
  2. Unbiased recommendations.
  3. Personalised suggestions.
* Commission on regular mutual fund or traditional insurance plans.

How many times can I contact SahajMoney®?

Multiple times during engagement. Either through email or through online meeting. Click Here

How much time is taken to share Financial Plan ?

Generally 1 to 2 weeks after receipt of risk profile approval.

Who would be advising me during engagement ?

Abhishek, an IIM Bangalore Alumni.

How much fee do I pay for first 6 months ?

Currently, ₹ 15,000/-  based on SEBI’s guidelines for RIA’s Click Here.

How much renewal fee do I pay after 6 months ?

Currently, ₹ 5,000/- for review and support for next 6 months. 


But if there is a long gap then we renew on case to case basis.

Why do you keep fees affordable ?

So that we can provide service to large section of society and get incentive to control costs while providing great service. 

Can I renew engagement with gap ?

Yes. However, we can’t provide support during the gap.


Also, we will renew it on case to case basis. 

Renewal is mandatory or voluntary ?

Voluntary. But we suggest that review plan every 6 month.

Do you offer any discounts?


Do you offer direct equity or stock advice ?

No. But based on risk profile we do advice on equity mutual funds.

Do you advice on real estate ?

No. Unless required for self consumption or diversification.

Do you advice on gold or other commodities ?

No. Unless required for self consumption or diversification.

Do you advice on new or exotic products ?

No. But can suggest after research based on risk profile.

So how do I evaluate your service ?

Look at our SEBI Disclosure webpage Click Here

What happens during initial engagement ?

After assessing risk profile, we discuss the plan and then provide support for rest of the engagement.

Do you provide product advice in plan ?

Yes. We embed direct product links in plan. 

Do you suggest investing via a platform ?

No. We don’t promote any platform. 

Do you review my existing portfolio for planning ?

Yes. We review existing portfolio and then advice.

Do you provide income tax filing service ?

No. But we advice on tax planning in the plan. 

What happens during renewal after 6 month ?

We review the portfolio and revise plan, if required. 


For rest of the period we provide support.

Why pay for service that I could get for free?

Charles Portis once said,” You must pay for everything in this world one way and another. There is nothing free except the Grace of God.”


You either pay with time or money.

Still, can I do my financial plan by myself ?

Sure. I am a DIY (Do It Yourself) investor myself. 


But if you want a second opinion you can avail our service.

My finances are messed up. Where do I start?

Newton’s Law of Inertia states that, “If a body is at rest, it will remain at rest unless it is acted upon by a force.”


So overcome inertia and book a meeting. Click Here 

Can I include my parents savings in same plan ?

No. As their risk profile could be different than yours. 

What I should not expect from this engagement?

Timing the investment or frequent rejig of portfolio.

What happens if my life situation changes ?

You can seek our advice provided our engagement is active.

Do you work in my city or country of residence?

We are online only advisory so we work with clients across the globe.

What's the language used for communication ?

English and Hindi.

I'm convinced. How do I sign up ?

By booking a meeting with us. Click Here